Advice for Life

Advice for Life is a systematic financial planning process that we use with all Shank Wealth Management clients. This approach uses four steps to lay out what is important to you and a strategy to work towards.

  1. Discovery – On our first appointment with you, we determine the following information. Where are you now? What are your goals? What have you achieved financially thus far?
  2. Planning – Once we understand your situation, we use all the resources available to us to develop an individualized plan for you. This plan is crafted by your advisor between the times of your first and second appointment.
  3. Strategies – At our second meeting, we discuss our recommendations and strategies. Once your course is charted and agreed upon, we begin to put the plan into action through recommended investments, products, and services designed to pursue your goals.
  4. Monitoring – It seems that many people have had the experience of putting their money with a financial advisor and never meeting with them again. It’s like you are forgotten. At Shank Wealth Management, we make it a point to review your situation on a recurring, ongoing basis. Our monitoring process provides you the opportunity to update us on any changes in your life. It also allows us to keep you informed on the progress of your plan.

*No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

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