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Retirement Planning

Our job in retirement planning is to help you match your needs and goals with the most suitable financial products and investments available. Given today’s longer life expediencies, combined with declining Social Security payouts and escalating health care cost, your planning is more complex than generations before you. Our team of experienced Advisors help you make a realistic appraisal of your financial situation and then assist in balancing immediate financial needs with long-term plans to help safeguard that you don’t run out of money during retirement and can enjoy the lifestyle you want.

Tax Deferred Products

We offer tax-deferred products which refers to investments that accumulate interest tax- free until the profits of those investments are distributed. Tax savings can be substantial for investments held until retirement for retirees will likely be in a lower tax bracket and are no long subject to premature tax and product withdrawal penalties. Tax-deferred products come in various vehicles, IRAs, Annuities, 401K plans, and with the ever evolving tax laws speaking with a Financial Advisor (and CPA) to help guide you on your options is a vital aspect to accumulating wealth.

Fee-Based Asset Management

In addition to traditional Brokerage accounts, we can provide fee-based asset management accounts, also frequently referred to as Advisory or Strategic Wealth Management (SWM) accounts. While Brokerage account fees are commission based, Advisory account fees are based on a percentage of the market value of your account. To learn more about the benefits of fee-based vs commission based accounts give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Estate Planning

Estate planning, in its simplest form, means planning for the distribution of your assets upon your death. We can help you design an estate plan that addresses; asset disposition and distribution to individuals and organizations of your choosing, minimizing federal or state taxes, and designating who handles various functions on our behalf. We also work with other professionals, such as estate planning attorneys and CPAs, to make certain all of the legal documents necessary to complete your estate plan are in order.

Life Insurance

We have the ability to compare a variety of financially strong and diversified insurance companies to design and provide you an appropriate life insurance program. As a sampling we can offer Term Life with guaranteed premiums of up to 30 years, traditional Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable Universal Life, Single Premium Life, and many more. As part of your financial planning strategy we help individuals and business entities find the best suited insurance policy.

Asset Preservation Planning

Asset preservation is a component of financial planning intended to preserve the wealth of individuals and business entities. Preservation begins before unnecessary taxation, claims or liabilities, seizure, or bankruptcy occurs. Our Financial Advisor team is ready to share numerous instruments and preservation techniques, all in transparent practices, to preserve your assets.

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