Getting Started

Where do I start?

Step 1

Schedule a meeting with one of our Advisors.

Be ready to talk about your current financial situation and future goals. This is discovery time, where your Advisor
listens and asks questions to develop your customized investment strategy.

Common talking points:

  • Investment goals
  • Retirement goals
  • Current investments
  • Time horizon
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Tax Considerations
  • Charitable giving
  • Liquidity requirements

Bring to the meeting any current investment account statements, budgets, and items pertaining to your financial situation.

Step 2

Building a plan. Your Financial Advisor will be able to recommend investment strategies based on your personal needs and outline an action plan. Complete and sign all paperwork.

Step 3

Execute the plan and transfer existing assets.

Step 4

Monitoring progress through regular reviews will be completed by your Advisor. At your convenience you may monitor and review your account(s) online 24/7 through Account View.

Talk often with your Advisor. Regular discussions with your Advisor is key to staying on track with long-term goals, making possible changes due to the evolving needs of life, and to keep your customized strategy relevant.

Finding the Right Advisor

The advice of a qualified financial advisor can help you pursue your goals. Here’s how to find an advisor who’s right for you. LEARN MORE

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