Life Insurance

We have the ability to use a large number of financially strong, very diversified insurance companies to design and provide appropriate life insurance programs. There are many products used by our advisors to meet the broad life insurance needs of our clients. These include; Term life (with guaranteed premiums of up to 30 years), traditional Whole life, Universal life, Variable Universal life, Single Premium life, First to Die life policies, and Second to Die (or Survivorship) life policies. All of these type policies and more can be structured and used in
numerous forms and scenarios including; personal, business Buy/Sell arrangements, estate planning, retirement planning, “split dollar” funding, Section 412(i) benefit plans, deferred compensation plans, asset protection strategies, and more.

We believe the importance of making life insurance policy decisions from a holistic perspective and as an important piece of the overall financial planning process cannot be understated. It is within this context that we utilize and implement life insurance as an important and valuable financial planning and wealth management tool. We further believe that a needs analysis process can accurately quantify both the financial and emotional needs for life insurance death benefits so that the amount of life insurance is sufficient, but not excessive.

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