Justin  Purvis

Justin Purvis

Vice President

Justin Purvis is the newest partner at Shank Wealth Management. He has worked in the financial industry for nearly a decade. Over that time he has worked closely with business owners and executives on their corporate retirement plans, helping them achieve robust investment goals while mitigating regulatory risk. He has also worked extensively with individual investors ranging from high net-worth individuals, to retirees and savers, helping them achieve their financial goals. Justin helps his clients identify what their future financial needs will be, and develop a detailed financial plan to support those needs and that their financial interests are preserved. His specialties include retirement planning, corporate retirement plan design and upkeep, 401k participant education, asset management, risk management, legacy planning and tax efficiency. 

Justin is a resident of Houston TX with his wife Celina, and two sons Lucas and Gabriel. He is a proud graduate of Missouri State University where he played football. In his spare time you can find him spending time with family, on the golf course, or with a hunting rifle or fishing rod in his hands! He is active in his local church, Hope City, and volunteers his time helping community members in need.